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 HTP candle wicks are a coreless, cotton flat braid wick with paper filament throughout, providing the structural strength of a paper core wick. Their self-trimming and complete combustion burning characteristics minimize mushrooming and soot. The versatility of HTP makes them suitable for use in soy waxes and lower melt point paraffin waxes, including single pour paraffin waxes which are more viscous in nature

Product Specifications

The HTP™ series is designed to provide the benefits of a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity approaching those found in cored wicks. High-performance fibers, along with other natural materials are engineered into a specially constructed braid, producing a more predictable wick posture. HTP™ wick is especially well-suited for tough-to-burn formulations that may contain many additives.  It is also an excellent choice for paraffin, vegetable, and gel candle systems.

Recommended Wax Type: Soy

HTP wicks are cotton wicks which feature braided paper fibers to enhance the rigidity of the material. They have a softer burn (which is good for soy) and tend to curl slightly as they burn. They also have the useful property of self-trimming however, it is always good practice to trim them when required.

All wicks are 150mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability. 

Size recommendations

Definition (without fragrance oil and without dye- consider one or two sizes above if adding Fo and Dye):

small - diam 25 a 50 mm

Medium - diam 50 a 76 mm

Large  - diam 76 a 101 mm

Extra-large - diam 101 a 127 mm


Wick Rate Chart 

Wick Flame HT  ROC   Wax Pool  Containers Pillars Votives Tapers
cm (in) g/hr (oz/hr) cm (in)
HTP-31 1.93 (0.76) 2.83 (0.10) 3.34 (1.31) extra small extra small small extra small
HTP-13 2.09 (0.82) 3.13 (0.11) 3.51 (1.38) extra small extra small small extra small
HTP-41 2.14 (0.84) 3.25 (0.11) 3.57 (1.41) small  small small small
HTP-52 2.43 (0.96) 3.70 (0.13) 3.82 (1.50) small small medium small
HTP-62 2.56 (1.01) 4.16 (0.15) 4.07 (1.60) medium medium medium medium
HTP-72 2.61 (1.03) 4.32 (0.15) 4.16 (1.64) medium medium medium
HTP-73 2.67 (1.05) 4.48 (0.16) 4.25 (1.67) medium medium medium
HTP-83 3.10 (1.22) 4.73 (0.17) 4.39 (1.73) large medium medium
HTP-93 3.52 (1.38) 5.12 (0.18) 4.61 (1.81) large medium medium
HTP-104 4.13 (1.62) 6.00 (0.21) 5.10 (2.01) large large
HTP-105 4.30 (1.69) 6.26 (0.22) 5.24 (2.06) large large
HTP-1212 4.16 (1.64) 6.39 (0.23) 5.31 (2.09) large extra large
HTP-1312 4.52 (1.78) 7.30 (0.26) 5.81 (2.29) extra large extra large
HTP-126 5.39 (2.12) 7.67 (0.27) 6.02 (2.37) extra large extra large

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