CL (Cotton Linen) WICKS

€2,00 EUR


Cotton & Linen (CL) candle wicks are innovative flat wicks, specially developed for vegetable waxes or heavily fragranced mineral waxes. Made from unbleached cotton, interwoven with a linen thread, these wicks offer excellent rigidity, as well as minimizing afterglow and smoking.

Product Specifications

All wicks are 110mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability, cut and with a sustainer 

Size Recommendations 

Please check indications in different waxes here or general recommendations below

Container diameter 40 mm - CL 4
Container diameter 45 mm - CL 6
Container diameter 50 mm - CL 8
Container diameter 55 mm - CL 10
Container diameter 60 mm - CL 12
Container diameter 65 mm - CL 14
Container diameter 70 mm - CL 16
Container diameter 75 mm - CL 18

 Please choose the next size for wax with color and heavy perfume content.


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