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EcoSoya Melt is an all-natural soy wax specifically designed for making perfect wax tarts and melts. 

This wax exhibits great scent throw, vibrant colors, and excellent mold release. Truly the perfect natural wax for a smooth and creamy surface finish.

This wax can take a fragrance load of up to 12% but we advised you to start at 6-7% as our fragrances are highly concentrated.

 Ecosoya Melt is an all-natural soy wax specifically designed for making perfect wax tarts and melts.

The benefits of this wax are:

  • Holds vibrant color and provides excellent mold release.
  • Exhibits an excellent scent throw, both hot and cold.
  • Uses only a small amount of liquid dye or chips.
  • Can take a fragrance load of up to 12%*
  • Does not contain any GMO products.
  • Arrives in pellet form for ease of use.
  • Gives a smooth and creamy finish.
  • It Biodegrades and is vegan-friendly.
  • Requires only a single pour.

Supplied in beautiful,easy-to-work,creamy white pastilles

Try this wax if you had previously used EcoSoya Q230 from the old Quantum range.


Melting Temperature

Under gentle agitation, melt the wax to a 70°C.  Do not heat to above 90°C for prolonged periods of time.


The wax should be melted to around 75°C when using dyes to ensure it fully dissolves into the wax. We recommended that moderate stirring is carried out. When not including dyes, melting the wax to 70°C will be sufficient.


Molds should be clean and free of contaminants. They should be at least at room temperature, although pre-heating to approx. 45 - 50°C can be beneficial.

Fragrance / Pouring

Add fragrance as close to the pouring temperature as possible for optimum results.

We recommend pouring at 55ºC-60°C and adding your fragrance oil as close to the pouring temperature as possible for optimum results. If you experience difficulties with your pour temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 5 - 10°C.

Minimize the time that the wax is at a high temperature in order to reduce the burning of the fragrance.

Be careful if you are using plastic clamshells. Check the maximum temperature those molds can support.

Curing Time

Soy wax typically has a cure time of 2 weeks, however, after testing we found the scent throw to be good after only 3 days.

Suggested Applications

Wax Tarts and Melts

Complementary information

EcoSoya waxes were a favorite of candle makers for nearly 20 years. When NGI made the decision to close its business in 2019, it left a big gap in the soy wax market. In early 2020, UK-based manufacturer Kerax purchased the brand and these popular soy waxes are, very happily, once again available.

 Technical Information 

Ecosoya Melt Technical Data Sheet 

Ecosoya Melt Safety Data Sheet 


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Sara Moura

Óptima cera, muito fácil para desmoldar

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