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Very popular, LX Wick is ideal for improving paraffin and vegetable waxes burning because it burns with a tighter controlled flame. Due to its coreless, braided structure, the LX Wick minimizes or eliminates carbon buildup while reducing afterglow and soot. The wick is stabilized by rigid structure threads, ensuring easy pouring.

 Product Specifications

LX wick features an especially flat braided coreless wick that curls throughout the burn cycle. This unique feature minimizes carbon buildup and reduces smoking since the curl moves to the flame’s highest heat concentration area. Added benefits of the curl are a tighter, more controlled flame profile and a self-trimming effect. Also, this wick series is lead and zinc-free.

  • Constructed using stabilizing threads.
  • Designed to be used in votives, pillars, and containers.
  • Engineered to maintain a stable flame and improve the burning of paraffin and vegetable waxes.

All wicks are 110mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability, cut and with an aluminum sustainer 


This rate chart data are meant to serve only as a guide to assist our clients in the selection as in reality there are many variants in a candle that will influence the final result as % of fragrance, dye, type of container, etc.

Understanding a rate chart, know more here.

Size Recommendations 

 Please check indications of this wick in different waxes here or general recommendations below

  LX 08                32 - 38 mm (1.25" - 1.49")
  LX 10    38 - 50 mm (1.49" - 1.96")
  LX 12    50 - 57 mm (1.96" - 2.24")
  LX 14    57 - 63 mm (2.24" - 2.48")
  LX 16    63- 75 mm (2.48" - 2.95")
  LX 18    75 - 83 mm (2.95" - 3.26")
  LX 20    83 - 89 mm (3.26" - 3.5")
  LX 22    89 - 95 mm (3.5" - 3.74")
  LX 24    95 - 100 mm (3.74" - 3.93")
  LX 26    100 - 108 mm (3.93" - 4.25")

This size chart is a rough guide - different waxes, % fragrance, and colors all affect the wicking of the candle. Trial and error is the only way to ensure correct wicking.

Top Tip: Please choose the next size for wax with color and heavy perfume content 


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