€25,00 EUR


Our Let's Light Together candles can be personalized with a message that only reveals itself after the first few hours of the wax melting.

Our candles are made of 100% vegetal wax deeply fragrance scented with a cotton wick.

All candles offer a beautiful aromatic experience.

Find out more about (secret) messages inside a candle here.

Product Specifications 

Just light it and fill the air for an amazing 45 hours (approx), with the incredible scents of our collection. Each candle has an approx net weight of 220 g.

Vegetal wax has a lower melting point than paraffin which means our candles will melt quicker, releasing the beautiful fragrances in a shorter time and lasting much longer than candles in paraffin.

All candles offer a beautiful aromatic experience. With an incredible scent throw, they have been lovingly made and poured by hand, using the very best of ingredients available in the market. We make all of our candles in our workshop, in  Portugal.


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