It smells like Christmas ✨

febbraio 09, 2022

candles tins for christmas


Our memories are always associated with either, smells, flavors, images or music. We smell a certain smell and we remember our childhood, we hear a song, we remember a first passion we see a picture and remember those holidays….

But it’s from Christmas time that we usually keep the most cherished and tender memories.

It is the celebration of the extended family, the reunion and so often the only occasion for everyone to be together. The food, the desserts, the gifts!!

We do miss that in this pandemic times, these reunions that have the power to fill our heart, or even a Grinch’s, of joy and happiness.

To create our magic moments we decorate our houses to receive our family, creating year after year the most cosy and beautiful place with lights and candles.

Candles are always present, either at the dinner table to create atmosphere with the warming light, or in the lounge with a beautiful scent, in the bathroom you name it.

The scent of a candle is just as important as the light. With the power to unlock fond memories of the past or set the mood for any occasion or time of year, fragrances are a fundamental part of what makes us who we are.

As studies confirm olfactory memory lasts longer than vision and auditory memories. So by breathing we are inhaling memories!

We have chosen beautiful fragrances to help you creating the most amazing atmosphere in this magic season.
We take it very seriously and would be very proud to help you create these wonderful forever memories. From glamorous to the simple ones we have fragrances to please everyone…

How to find them?

On tab ‘For the Explorers’ select the collections of products you love or you want to offer and next choose the fragrance to go with.

Notice that each product has a premium fair trade fragrance manufactured in Europe.

Here you will find:

But Santa doesn’t know when to stops and on the tab ‘For the Makers’ you can find some CANDLE KITS and WAX MELT KITS for an amazing step by step experience on learn to make your own candles or wax melts.

Is it or not an easy way to become this Christmas unforgettable?✨

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