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Coconut natural wax  It occurs as a waxy solid that is white in color and has a neutral odor.  This wax is manufactured in Europe and is made from coconut oil extracted from the pulp of the Cocos Nucifera ( Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines ) and nothing else. 
It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives. 
It's 100% plant-based, from a sustainable and renewable source, it´s a wax containing no traces of GMOs, without additives, and is not tested on animals.
Coconuts are produced from sustainable agriculture.
  • Properties :

– Nourishing and hydrating for the skin

– Good grip capacity

– Soft and creamy touch

Examples of application:

– cosmetics: cream, balm, etc.

– food and pharmaceutical industry

  • Available in : slabs

Product Specifications

Very low melting point: 31-38 ° C

Coconuts are produced from sustainable agriculture.

Non-GMO waxes, no additives, and not tested on animals.


This wax has a very low melting point. We recommend to use as massage wax or as an additive in a blend of waxes