Standard delivery time is 3-4 Working days . May vary depending the volume of orders . Our preferred method of contact is email.

Shipping & Delivery Conditions

Each shipment contains:

- The Products ordered and any offers or samples;

- Mandatory attached documentation in the country of origin;

- Purchase invoice-receipt

- Informative and advertising material.

The Products will be delivered by a carrier chosen by the client at the checkout. Products can be delivered in the following ways:

- delivery to the address indicated by the Customer;

- delivery at the point of sale for collection by the Customer;

- delivery at a collection point designated by the Customer;

- For pick up at our offices

 The Customer will receive an email with the confirmation of shipping with a tracking number and a url of the forwarder website so the order can be tracked at anytime since it leaves our premises.

Upon arrival of the Products at the agreed collection/delivering address or point, the Customer will be notified and will be able to collect the Products in accordance with the procedure used by the operator that manages the service.

Failure to collect /Receive

Failure to collect or receive the Products within the period indicated above or the impossibility of delivering the Products sent to the address chosen by the Customer will result in the cancellation of the Order and the refund of the full amount paid for goods but not for transport, which will be done by the same payment method used for the purchase. 

No reimbursement will be made for any amount paid for Personalized Products nor for the expenses referred to transport.


Upon receipt of the Products, it is the Customer's responsibility to check the integrity of the packaging and check whether it has any damage that is immediately evident (eg wet or damaged box, etc.). In case of anomalies, the Customer must report them immediately, ensuring that they are confirmed by the carrier or sales staff (in the case of collection in our office) and refuse delivery. Otherwise, the Customer will not be able to exercise its rights in this regard later.

The Site is structured with functions that allow the Customer to access it and place an Order, regardless of nationality and/or geographic location. The Customer may receive the Products at a delivery address of his choice as long as it is contemplated in our list of countries we sell to.


Important note : There is a limitation in weight in the standard orders . It’s 31 Kg per box. No limitation in boxes.

If your order is above that you might want to send us an email to quote the transport to you . In this way we are able to check the better updated price for bigger orders

We sell to General Public & Companies

If you own a company that operates outside of Portugal and you want the application of VAT exemption please register as a customer, before making any purchase, send us an email to, with the name of the company and the VAT number you registered, so we can validate the VAT number and apply the exemption.