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Black Velvet Bags with drawstring closure. Fits Aurelie glasses in perfection 

As elegant packaging for first-class products, promotional items, or trade fair gifts, the velvet bag is always a highlight. Our velvet bags with matching string closures give your goods a beautiful and high-quality look.

The velvet bag is ideal for packaging your candles, making a beautiful difference from the common boxes and it's much more likely people tend to reuse it and throw away boxes. Reusable.

Additional info 

Size: 150 x 200 mm

Material: Soft Velvet Polyester 

Benefits of our velvet bags

  • The noble, opaque look provides a real highlight in the daily presentation of goods.
  • Double stitching and clean edges ensure stability and protect its contents.
  • The velvet bag makes the goods appear to be of very high quality.
  • It is ideal for storing your candles 
  • The velvet bag represents a valuable alternative to regular packaging solutions made of paper, cardboard, or foil.

Applications of the velvet bags

Our velvet bags can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Velvet pouches are very popular as the industry likes the elegant design and also enjoys the chic look of the pouch.
  • In office supplies stores, the bags are often used to store small accessories such as erasers, sharpeners, or staples.
  • The stylish pouches are in high demand in over-the-counter retail, especially in souvenir and gift shops.
  • They can be used as great gift packaging for hobbyists and creative people.

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