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Rose Quartz  chips sold in 100 g bags

 The meaning of Rose Quartz is love and compassion

Product Specification 

Rose Quartz is a pink form of quartz. It is also known as Hyaline Quartz. It has a pale pink coloring and translucent transparency and a vitreous luster. It also has a hexagonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of quartz

Metaphysical properties claims

Loving energy, abundance, joy - Rose Quartz properties come thick and fast, especially with the difficult climate the world is in these days. 

The other name for which Rose Quartz is known is  The Heart Stone. As mentioned, Rose Quartz is intricately connected to the heart chakra, and this crystal is often used in helping deal with the pain or trauma left by deep emotional wounds. Another beautiful benefit of Rose Quartz is her deep vibration and attunement with the goddess energy. Rose Quartz is connected with the feminine divine, meaning that it carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering – all with the superior strength of spirit. 

Zodiac Birthstone

  • Linked to the Zodiac of Taurus 
  • The Birthstone of Libra

Intrinsically linked with the Zodiac of Taurus, Rose Quartz with its pink quartz shimmer is the perfect match for this sensitive sign. Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus (just like the Rose Quartz). We all know that Venus is the planet most aligned with themes of beauty, love, hedonism, and the comforts of the heart. Rose Quartz is a magical match for Taureans as she grants them all this and more, but also goes to work on their more stubborn side. It’s a stone that recognizes that there may be times when this hardheaded nature can work against the best interests of Taurus and so it brings open-hearted compassion to the table to help Taureans learn to go with the flow a little more.

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