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Wooden wicks create a unique horizontal flame. In larger diameter candles, wooden wicks can produce a full melt pool with only one wick eliminating the need to use multiple wicks (in most cases). Wooden wicks create an alluring crackling sound when burning for added ambiance. Being rigid, wooden wicks are very easy to use, saving time and money in production. There is no need to secure a wick bar or dowels and no straightening is needed as there is with cotton wicks, which require a great deal of time to set up. Wooden wicks do not mushroom and have little to no carbon build-up, no debris, and no sooting. Wooden wicks provide a modern, unique, and more upscale look to enhance a candle’s value.

>> Wicks are sold without metal holders. You can buy them here.

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Suitable for mineral and vegetal waxes 



>> Wicks are sold without metal holders. You can buy them here.


Please note, that due to the manufacturing process, there can be a tiny amount of variation in wick dimensions. Typical sizes are as follows:

  • 2 choices Thickness: 0.60 mm; 1.0 mm 
  • 4  choices Width: 8 mm,10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm,16 mm
  • Length for all wicks: 155mm 

With the above options, you have the possibility of a lot of combinations to suit your own combo wax+fragrance. Fully customizable. More options 

You can create your own version of a wick with a booster  if you need a taller flame

All wooden wicks may discolor your wax due to the presence of tannins.

Advantages :

  • Wooden wicks achieve a fast melt pool formation for a quick and excellent hot throw
  • Wooden wicks produce a tantalizing crackling sound when burning
  • Wooden wicks have no mushrooming with little carbon buildup, debris, or sooting
  • Wooden wicks are rigid and require no straightening
  • Wooden wicks can be used in all candle wax types
  • Wooden wicks are applicable to the container, pillar, and votive candles
  • Our wicks are sourced and manufactured in the EU from Fsc-certified mills
  • As there are not so many sizes you don't spend a huge amount of money to find the suitable one for your system jar/candle

Crackling natural wooden wicks wax compatibility  ( see recommendations tab)



>> Wicks are sold without metal holders. You can buy them here 

  • A thickness of 0.6 mm, single ply,  is suitable for coconut, apricot, palm, and paraffin blends or natural blends ( soy blends and coco-rapeseed blends like Elite 600 ), soy wax C6, soy wax C3, coco-soya
  • thickness 1.0 mm suitable for 100% soy or other drier vegetal waxes like 464, 444, beeswax, and colored waxes. More difficult combinations, heavy coloration, dense fragrances 

Example 1 -Indicative inner diameters for wooden wicks, with soy blends or rapeseed /coconut in container candles as a starting point ( just as an initial guide as candle combination depends very much on the wax+%fragrance + % color)

Inside jar  diameter ~76 mm ( outside diameter 80 mm ) 

Choose as starting point  - wick width 12 mm, thickness 0.6 mm  ( EA 3 in the table ) 

Example 2 -Indicative inner diameters for wooden wicks, with  464 wax, 444 wax  in container candles as a starting point ( just as an initial guide as candle combination depends very much on the wax+%fragrance + % color)

Inside jar  diameter ~76 mm ( outside diameter 80 mm ) 

Choose as starting point  - wick width 12 mm, thickness 1 mm  ( EC 3 in the table ) 

TOP TIP: You may want to add a small amount of vegetal stearin to slow down the burning and improve performance ( 5~10% of the wax -for example  200g of wax  use 10-20g of stearin ) 

In fact when employing wooden wicks in your candle-making process, we recommend incorporating stearin as an additive to your wax. This addition serves to harden the vegetal wax, thus preventing the wooden wick from extinguishing prematurely. By doing so, you can achieve superior results while minimizing the likelihood of the wick going out unexpectedly. 

Fragrance oil content and type can change the burning diameter of the wick, e. g. the wick therefore will burn weaker or stronger. We recommend that you always carry out a  burning test first

  • Wicks are sold in packets of 10 /50 /100  units

Unlike conventional cotton wick holders, wooden wick holders can be reused because they are not deformed when the wick is attached to them. You can reuse them so buy only as many holders as you need and reuse the available ones.

Wicks are 155 mm in length, just cut this wick in half and you are ready to make two 30-cl candles.

Wooden wicks do not self-trim - if the flame becomes too tall after burning for 4 hours, it is time to trim your wick. 

It is advisable to start with a 6/7 % of fragrance oil concentration to wax mass in order to avoid any side effects of the burning process (when the flame is too high, too many black specs in the wax, wax is burning too fast, poor hot throw of the fragrance oil, very hot jar that is impossible to touch).

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