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The first handmade eco-friendly luxury collection of EcocandleProject 

Handmade fine candles, in a special glass with a double-height base, beautifully painted in pale gold. Extra thicks straight walls, painted in matt black to give a timeless look. 


Developed by a designer for this special function, its elegant lines fit any decoration. Handmade in Portugal.

Product Specification

The candle is made with a blend of vegetal waxes ( soy+coconut or soy+rapeseed  ) mixed with premium fragrances manufactured in the EU with top-quality crackling wooden wicks. These  Laminate Original Booster Wick are made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills and manufactured in the USA (Pat.

Recyclable items, sustainable sources for the wax and wicks, fairtrade, and high-quality products define our criteriums for eco-friendly purposes.

 approx weight and burning time : 200 g with a burning time of 45 hours


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