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100% Recyclable & Biodegradable Mineral Base Highly Scented

Scented Sachets are timeless adding a refreshing finishing touch to your home fragrance collection. Using only the highest quality ingredients combined with highly concentrated fine fragrances within our range, they will release delicate essences of aromas into your home.

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Product Specifications 

Naturally occurring mineral (magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate). Mined in flakes and heated at high temperatures, to form little flakes shiny with shades of gold. With a neutral pH and high ability to retain moisture is also very lightweight, non-toxic, and sterile and does not deteriorate over time. 

Just do the packaging and is ready to sell

Delivered in a KRAFT container ( 33Oz-1000 ml ) with RPet Lid with diam:18 cm H:5,8 cm /7,1 cm with lid. Recyclable with an approx weight of 300 g

PLEASE NOTICE: 1000 ml of this mineral weights 160 g 

  • The final weight of the pre-scented base is 160g+ weight of fragrance mixture
  • The final weight may vary depending on the weight of the fragrance ( some fragrances are dense than others hence the final total weight vary a little) 
  • The average final weight for this product can be approx: 300 g 

How to do your scented sachet

The perfect accessory item to pair with handmade candles, soaps, toiletries, reed diffusers, and molds in matching scents. Scented Sachets can be used as air fresheners in drawers, wardrobes, vacuum cleaners, cars, offices, bathrooms, etc.!

By choosing between our range of fragrances you will make a statement.

Our Sachet Granular Base is 100% natural, biodegradable, and highly scented. We only use our highest grade of concentrate fine fragrance oil to give maximum scent throw and longevity. 

It's a ready-made base. Just put the required amount in a bag or paper sachet.

It's normal to do a paper sachet of approx: 10g or a cotton bag of approx 20/25 g 

So it's expectable that 1L of pre-scented base ( although it's a mineral it's measured by volume and not weight ) can take around 30 paper sachets or 15 cotton bags (20/25g size) 

 But of course, that is variable and depends on the final size of the package 

Note: As this is a very small quantity you are using either in a paper sachet or bags you don't need CLP regarding the fragrance but you must add the following warning in the outside package:

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not place on painted, polished, or synthetic surfaces.
  • Not for consumption

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maribel Sobrino
La idea de este producto me gusta

Con relación al aroma de alma bohemia me resulta un poco fuerte para pequeños espacios. Probaré algún otro.

Que delícia de aroma!!!

Uma palavra: AMEI!!!!

Vanessa B. Vera

I'm testing it yet, but I think it's going to be a must-have!!

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