€59,00 EUR

Candle kits are ideal to test how great and satisfying is to do your own candles. As a hobby or another income source try our beautiful super easy kit, following the included detailed instructions.

With this kit, you'll have 4 candles with a total of approx 150 hours of burning

Includes : 

  • 2 silver mercury glasses 30 cl
  • 2 silver tins with lid 20 cl
  • 4 stickers to secure wicks
  • 4 cotton wicks with security base in metal
  • 4 dust covers with security warnings
  • 800 g vegetal vegan wax coco-rapeseed
  • 2 bottles with fragrance for vegetal candles ( 2 different scents )
  • 4 sets of wood sticks to hold the cotton wicks in place
  • 2 wood sticks to mix the fragrance in the wax
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 instruction guide  step-by-step 

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