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Coconut natural wax occurs as a waxy solid that is white in color and has a neutral odor. This wax is manufactured in Europe and is made from coconut oil extracted from the pulp of the Cocos Nucifera (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) and nothing else. 
It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives. 
It's 100% plant-based, from a sustainable and renewable source, it´s a wax containing no traces of GMOs, without additives, and is not tested on animals.
Coconuts are produced from sustainable agriculture.

Benefits of using Coconut Wax in Your Candle Making

  • Slow clean burn that helps the candle burn at a more consistent rate and temperature while producing less soot
  • Provides a creamier appearance as an additive to the wax blend
  • Bright, white color and is easily colored
  • Neutral odor
  • Superior fragrance throw scented candles
  • Blends well with other natural, harder waxes
  • Sourced from renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished at a faster rate than many alternative fluids

Product Specifications

General Characteristics:
  • Nourishing and hydrating the skin
  • Good grip capacity
  • Soft and creamy touch
  • Examples of application:
    • cosmetics: cream, balm, etc.
    • food and pharmaceutical industry

Available in: chunks

Very low melting point: 31-38°C

Coconuts are produced from sustainable agriculture.

Non-GMO waxes, no additives, and not tested on animals.



This wax has a very low melting point. We recommend using it as massage wax or as an additive in a blend of waxes. 

Ideal for those looking for a raw material option with ecological appeal for the manufacture of handmade candles, Coconut Wax is the ideal product. Indicated especially for the production of handmade candles that will be burned in containers ideally, it is considered an ecological wax, offering several benefits to those who use it. But why is coconut wax considered an eco-friendly product? And how is coconut wax made?

Its natural formulation of vegetal origin allows the coconut wax to offer, for its production of candles, a clean, odorless burn without the formation of soot, harming the environment less and at the same time offering possibilities of aromatic candles with accentuated perfumes, as it retains much more scented oils, whether synthetic or essential. 

Another important point that we must emphasize is that its composition allows it to be mixed with several other types of natural waxes, even those with harder consistencies. This factor makes coconut wax present in the composition of various types of candles.

 Important Note 

This is a very soft wax. The melting point can be as low as 31ºC. During summer time there might be temperature variations in the transport as the companies are not transporting these goods in refrigerating vans. We don't ship it on Fridays because we don't want the wax stored during the weekend in very warm places. 

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