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Wedo VRL (Previously CSN) Wick is made using reinforced ring-spun cotton with a natural wax coating, allowing for easy wicking of container candles.

VRL wicks are high-quality white wicks manufactured in Germany.  The VRL series has been specifically designed for container candle waxes with higher viscosity blends

The coreless wick design combines threads made of the highest grade ring-spun cotton and other all-natural threads for extra stability.  All threads are white and are a perfect alternative to brown wicks if you prefer a more uniform appearance.

VRL works best with natural and soy waxes.

All wicks are 110mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability. 

 Product Specifications 

VRL wick gives a consistent and even burn and comes with metal tabs already fixed in place, allowing wicking to be as simple as possible.

VRL wick is lead and zinc free (as all our wicks are).

The VRL series is used in many different applications and is especially compatible with a highly scented vegetal blended wax and a harder-to-melt vegetable-based wax.

Made in Germany by WEDO that produces and distributes wicks and technical braids in accordance with the standards for quality management systems stipulated in DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and is an accredited supplier of RAL Quality Association for Candles

Size Recommendations

  • Wedo VRL 5         up to 35 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 6         up to 38 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 7         up to 40 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 9         up to 45 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 11       up to 50 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 12       up to 55 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 14       up to 60 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 16       up to 65 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 18       up to 70 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 22       up to 75 mm Diameter
  • Wedo VRL 26       over 75 mm Diameter

These recommendations are only a starting point. There are too many variables to consider( %FO, Wax Blends, %Dye, etc ) that will influence the system and have to be considered and tested.

We recommend purchasing multiple sizes and conducting a slab test to test options.

You can also go directly to Wedo website and check the wick configurator from here.

Want to know how to understand a wick rate chart, view it here.

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