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Ecosnow is powdered candle wax that looks just like snow!

EcoSnow is a blend of vegetable wax specifically developed for the hobbyist candlemaker. This wax is ideal for those who like the idea of candle making yet don't have time for long processes or want to invest in specialist equipment.

With Ecosnow you can make candles instantly. No melting.No cure


EcoSnow is a formulation, with no melting/pouring required. Simply wick your containers. For unscented candles, simply pour the EcoSnow into the containers 'as is' and light your wick.

CLP labelling should be determined by the producer of the product, we advise using a 10% CLP for this wax. 

The wax is designed to melt itself as the wick burns, saving time and money. 

For adding fragrance/dye, we recommend a powder or liquid dye, simply shake the wax in a jar or tub and allow it to mix well before pouring it into your containers.

We recommend starting both dyes and fragrances at 3-6 % and adjusting gradually to personal preference to a maximum of 6%. Less is more when it comes to adding fragrance, as you do not want the wax to be wet.

As with all new waxes, please test in small batches initially to get your technique/ratio right.

 All you need to do is scoop the wax into your chosen container, add a wick and you are ready! The process is very simple if you want to go a little further and add scents and colour. Add a dry powder dye or a few drops of fragrance and simply stir together in a bowl and then create your candles. This is a self-melting wax which means that once the flame has been extinguished you can simply remove the melted wax and reuse the remaining powder again and again.

You can use Ecosnow in many different containers, from glass votives for a minimal, modern look to vintage tins and upcycled plant pots. Ideal for creating bespoke pieces to suit any interior design. The container must be non-combustible so glass, metal or ceramic. Make sure the wick is set away from any sides of the container as they may shatter. Vessels need to be at least 8cm in width to avoid wax sticking to the sides. Kerasnow can be used with a variety of wicks depending on the size of the containers.

Ecosnow is a fantastic option for centrepieces, wedding candles, and events. Use for the desired burn time and then collect the remaining powder ready to use again. Kerasnow always looks fresh and doesn't leave unsightly residual wax in the containers.

 Physical Properties 

Test                                       Method                  Specification  Typical
Congealing Point °C  ASTM D938           51-54                  

Manufacturers Note: Ecosnow does not require additives, other than fragrance and colour required by the Candlemaker. Waxes should be stored in a cool, dry location away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture. 

Colour: Use powder or liquid dyes with EcoSnow.

Fragrance: EcoSnow has been designed for fragrance at levels between 3-6%. A fragrance which is specifically developed for use with vegetal waxes is highly recommended.  Some fragrances may react poorly with the wax causing bleeding, objectionable surface finishes or poor flame quality. This is exaggerated when using fragrances specifically designed for use in mineral wax candles.

Wicking: Fragrance, colour and candle configuration have a great impact on the best wick choice. Too large of a wick may cause sooting, accelerated burn times and guttering (wax leaking through the side of the candle). Too small a wick will cause tunnelling and produce a smaller flame. Keep wicks trimmed to 0.6 cm in. If you experience poor flame quality or stability, try a different type of wick. 

Wicks:  TCR, Cotton&Hemp, Stabilo and CL wicks tend to work well with vegetal waxes.

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Technical Documentation 

EcoSnow Safety Data Sheet

Ecosnow Technical Data Sheet 


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