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This all-natural soy wax produced by global wax giant AAK under the Golden Brands name was specifically developed and formulated for melts, tarts and pillars. Golden Wax 494 ( CS 50), has an excellent scent throw, exhibits vibrant colors, and releases easily from molds. This wax uses a 100% soy and botanical oil formula that creates a smooth appearance. Due to the high amount of botanical additives, this wax blend is not designed for use as candle wax and won’t burn with a wick.

 Product Specifications

Golden Wax 494 does not need to be blended with paraffin or other non-plant-based waxes. In addition, Golden Wax provides significant bloom/frost reduction. This premium botanical wax is ideal for use in wax melts, tarts and pillar candles. 


  • Reduced set-up time
  • Great mold release
  • Allow for vibrant colors
  • Create a fragrance throw comparable to paraffin
  • Compatible with standard candle making equipment
  • Easily modified and combined with other waxes
  • Versatile and adaptable, for easily customizable blends


Most dyes work with Golden Wax 494 including powder, liquid or our Bekro dyes. If you wish to make your wax darker, add a little black dye to the colour you are using. To lighten use white dye.


Golden Wax 494 may be used with fragrance at levels up to 10%, however, we recommend approximately 8% as this will give an excellent scent throw. Add fragrance close to the pour temperate, around 60 degrees, for best results.


The melting temperature of Golden Wax 494 is 52 - 58°C and it can be heated to 80 - 85°C. Allow the wax to cool to your desired pour temperature, add the fragrance at approximately 70°C, and mix well - be sure to stir/mix the wax while melting. Higher temperatures may cause the wax to discolor.


Pour temperatures may vary according to type & size, fragrance & dye used. Pour temperatures should be reasonably high (71°C), unless you are pouring into plastic clamshells, so we recommend no higher than 55°C.


Cool undisturbed melts at room temperature (about 21-24°C). They should be allowed to sit undisturbed for 48 hours before test burning.

Max Fragrance Load: 10% 
Melt Point: 49 - 52°C
Always with sustainability in mind, know more about sustainable sourcing of vegetal wax and the statement of AKK    

 Made in Sweden


The wax will hold 10%+ of most fragrances, although 7-8% is usually more than enough.

Pour Temperature: 60 - 70°C (Testing has shown 60°C to be an optimum temperature for pouring )
Dye: Bekro Dye is most suitable (Mix at 1-2g dye per 100g wax), depending on the shade you wish to achieve

We would suggest a cure time of 10-14 days before burning.

TOP TIP: This wax also makes an ideal base for use in scoopable wax when combined with pure rapeseed wax at a ratio of 75% 494 to 15% rapeseed.