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Our wax melts are made of 100% vegetal wax deeply fragrance scented.

Vegetal wax has a lower melting point than paraffin which means our melts will melt quicker, releasing the beautiful fragrances in a short time and lasting much longer than melts in paraffin.

Each box comes with 8 melts with a total weight of approx 80 g. Each melt has an expected burning time of 8-12 hours. In total, you'll have a burning time of 64-96 hours.

Just pop one, or two maximum, of our melts into one of our wax warmers, and fill the air for an amazing 8 hours, with the incredible scents of our collection.

All our melts offer a beautiful aromatic experience. With an incredible scent throw, they have been lovingly made and poured by hand, using the very best of ingredients available in the market. We make all of our wax melts in our workshop, in  Portugal.

The cardboard boxes can be recycled and are made of recycled paper.

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