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Wax melts are great for those who like to change scents according to their mood.

Much like candles, wax melts, cubes, and tarts are used to produce a room-filling aroma in minutes.  Quicker than candles. Wax melts and candles both use a combination of essential oils, fragrance oils, and wax to release scent upon being warmed.

We use the same fragrances and also vegetal wax for our range.

Just like candles, wax melts can come in a variety of shapes, scents, and colors!

In the end, wax melts are long-lasting, fun, relatively inexpensive, and also provide a safe way to enjoy great scents.

They are a convenient choice when you want to control the amount of scent, experiment with blending scents, and fill your home with wonderful fragrances

You will need a wax melter with adequate size to burn your wax melts. Oil burners are not fit for wax melts. check our wax melters.

The white "smoke" you may sometimes see coming from your wax melt isn't actually smoke. It is in fact vapor and is basically the fragrance oil evaporates. You will see it more with some fragrances than others and is nothing to be concerned about.

Each package holds around 80 grams of wax . You may choose round, heart-shaped  or square 


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