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After searching for a long time we have found! Meet the new star wax in the candle world.  

A rapeseed container wax ( much softer than R50 ), 100% natural, without OGM products, 100% Vegan, with no pesticides, and in conformity according to REACH norms.Fully biodegradable with excellent glass adhesion and smooth resets between burn cycles.

Wax composition: 100% rapeseed, no additives

 This wax has an excellent olfactory rendering hot and cold. Exclusively from  European cultures.  Made in Germany

Why Choose Rapeseed Waxes?

Rapeseed Waxes are an ideal eco-wax available from locally grown non-GM rapeseed crops in the UK, France, and Germany and manufactured within Europe.  Simpler, shorter, and closer logistics mean a smaller carbon footprint. This vegetal oil has the lowest footprint and the higher rentability crop from European cultures.  Rapeseed is effectively an eco-friendly culture.

The European Union was the leading producer of rapeseed worldwide with a production volume of 19.5 million metric tons in that year in 2022/2023 ( 

This Rapeseed is used to produce oil, which can be used both in the food industry and candle industry and in the manufacture of green biodiesel.

  1. Biodiesel Production: Rapeseed oil is used in biodiesel production. Biodiesel is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel, as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Crop Rotation and Soil Benefits: Rapeseed is often used in crop rotation, which can enhance soil health and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. The plant has deep roots that help break up compacted soil, and its residues contribute to the growth of organic matter and the natural management of weeds, creating a natural response to this problem.

  3. Crop requiring little water: On the other hand, it also allows for livestock use, through straw, which is used to feed cattle. It is a very interesting crop in soils that are not very fertile and with little water.

Let's resume it's Eco credentials 

  • Low carbon footprint  – rapeseed is grown in Europe so it does not travel over oceans to get here 
  • It does not create harmful toxins 
  • It is non-hazardous for us, our pets, or wildlife
  • It helps our bees, they love the nectar that rapeseed flowers product
  • It feeds our animals
  • In the form of bio-fuel, it powers our vehicles
  • It is sustainable
  • It protects our soil
  • It is not genetically modified

Interested in knowing about rapeseed crops in Europe, here is an extensive article.

Product Specifications 

SDS according to Regulation(EC ) nº 1907/2006

SECTION 2: Hazards Identification
  • Classification of the substance or mixture Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008
This mixture is not classified as hazardous following Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.
  • Label elements
Additional advice on labeling.
According to EC directives or the corresponding national regulations the product does not have to be labelled.
  • Other hazards
  • This mixture contains no substances of very high concern (SVHC) (>0,1%) which are included in the Candidate List according to Article 59 of REACH.
  • No risks are worthy of mention. Please observe the information on the safety data sheet at all times.

SECTION 3: Composition/Information of ingredients

3.2. Mixtures

  • Chemical characterization
The product does not contain dangerous substances according to REGULATION (EU) No. 2020/878, Annex II, Part A , 3.1/3.2. that must be mentioned in Chapter 3.
  • Hazardous components
none (according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH))

     Technical data :

    • Congealing Point        DIN ISO 2207           183-12            45ºC
    • Kin.Viscosity 100ºC     DIN EN ISO 3104     2021-01           9.996 mm2/s
    • Needle Penetration    DIN 51579                2010-03       120 mm/10
    • Density                       DIN 51757                                        0,895 g/cm3

     Instructions and recommendations

    This is a very easy and user-friendly wax allowing you to achieve great results in beautiful truly ethical candles. It is therefore an aesthetic solution, as well as being ethical. 

    Don't work with rapeseed wax as you do with soy wax. Rapeseed wax is a bit sensitive and likes to be treated with a lot of attention.

    • This wax is a one-pour wax.
    • This wax gives a soft white candle surface appearance  

    Once poured, it is recommended to let your container candles cure for at least a week at room temperature before using them. 

    • Melting temperature: 45°.
    • Heat the wax to at least 60° without exceeding 75°.
    • Add color dye at 70ºC
    • Add the perfume at 65º 
    • Pouring temperature: 45-53° ( Best =46ºC at 25ºC room temperature) (Important note: the lower the room temperature the higher you should pour the wax into the container, adjust according to your room temperature.
    • Fragrance load: up to10%

    Always adjust your pouring temperature to room temperature following the principle below . If the room temperature is too low pour hotter 

    All pure waxes, rapeseed or other, are prone to frosting, more or less, sooner or later. But it improves, if you add, some 3-10 % of rapeseed stearin .

     Regarding wicks for containers :

    The wick you use will be an average of two sizes above what you would normally use in a soy wax container candle of the same size/diameter. The ideal wick for rapeseed wax is one in the Stabilo Series but remember that fragrance plays a big role. This info is just a starting point. 

    Check your size in STABILO WICKS  and you can also use TCR, CL, VRL, and wooden wicks. 

    Packaging: in pellets in bags of 1,5,10 and 20kg.


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