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NatureWax C-3 is an all-natural soy-based wax. It finishes creamy and opaque and is preferred for its glass adhesion that minimizes wet spots, has little to no frosting, and has the ability to single-pour without additives. A great all-around container wax, it throws fragrance well, works with powder and liquid dyes, and holds color well. C-3 is known and loved for being simple and producing consistent results. C-3 wax is Cargill's most popular wax blend for all types of container candles. It has extreme resistance to blooming, contracts slightly, and produces a beautiful appearance with only one pour. Creamy white in color, and a good scent throw.

Dermatologically tested. Recommended Fragrance Load: 6-8%

Product Specifications

  • Make-Up: 100% Soy-based
  • Form: Flake
  • Pour Temperature: 49ºC-74ºC
  • Melt Point between: 51ºC-54.5ºC°
  • Fragrance Load: 7-10%
  • Kosher Certified
  • Non-OGM product
  • Vegan

This wax is packaged in flakes, making it easy to work with, measure, and handle. To get the best finish out of this wax, we recommend pouring at 71ºC (±5º). However, you may need to do additional testing to find the best pour temp for your conditions. Nature Wax C-3 has good adhesion to containers, which can be improved, especially during winter months by preheating jars.

For this soya wax, we recommend pre-warming jars before pouring the wax to obtain a better finish. Also, allow the wax to cool slowly.

If you are making pillar candles please see our other listing for 'Pillar Blend' soy wax

TIP: after the wax has completely melted, we recommend that you reduce the heat so it cools to 50ºC-70°C. This will reduce cracking and discoloration.

The wax has not been tested on animals and is fully vegan friendly and made from sustainable resources.

As it's dermatologically tested can be safely used in massage candles.
Melting point: + 45°C.
Maximum heating temperature: +71.1ºC - 93.3°C
Recommended pouring temperature: ± 48.9°C ±73.8 ° C.

Leave to cure for 2  weeks. A single filling is usually enough but shrinks slightly when solidified, good adhesion to the walls of the container can be achieved by warming containers before pouring and leaving them to solidify slowly


Step One: Melting of Wax – The wax should be heated to a temperature of 71.1ºC to 93.3°C to melt the wax. Do not heat the wax above 93.3°C. If the wax is held at higher temperatures for long periods of time, it will discolor. Always use a thermometer when melting the wax and never leave your heated wax unattended. While the wax is melting, stir the wax regularly to reduce localized heating of the wax. This will help to reduce the burning of the wax while heating.

Step Two: Adding  Ingredients (other than Scent and Dye) – Other additives or ingredients may be added at any time to help improve the performance of the wax.

Step Three: Adding Candle Scent and Dye – The fragrances and dyes should be added to the wax after the wax is completely liquid. Make sure to stir the wax completely to ensure that the fragrances and dyes are completely mixed in.

Step Four: Preparing the Wax for Pouring - After the wax has been completely melted reduce the heat on the wax so that the wax cools to a temperature of 48.9ºC to 73.8°C. This will reduce cracking and discoloration of the wax after it has cooled. Pour Temperature should be matched to ambient room temperature recommendations in the table below for best results.

Step Five: Pouring Candles – Make sure that the container is at room or slightly warmer before pouring the wax into the container. The wax should be poured in the container while the wax is 48.9 to 82.2°C to reduce cracking and speed up the cure time of the wax. If the wax is to be left in melter overnight, the wax should be stored at a temperature of  54.4 to 62.8°C.

Ambient Room
Wax Pour
15.6º to 21.1ºC
76.7ºC to 82.2º
21.1ºC to 26.7°C
71.1ºC to 76.7°C
26.7ºC to 32.2ºC
62.8ºC to 68.3ºC

Step Six: Curing of Candles – The candle should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 12 hours before the candle is burned. This will allow the crystals of the wax to completely form giving a nice finish to the candle.


  • Candles over 89 mm in diameter may need to be double wicked to ensure a full melt pool.
  • Works well with liquid or powdered dyes.

Our testing has found this wax works well when heated to around 85°C with fragrance added at 70°C (if using dye, mix before fragrance at 75ºC) before being poured slowly into warmed glassware immediately after stirring. For us, this has resulted in smooth tops and perfect adhesion in clear glassware. Please note however the ideal pouring temperature may vary depending on container size and room temperature therefore proper testing in small batches is always recommended and our testing cannot take the place of your own testing. 

Wicking: We recommend the use of  CL Stabilo, TB, TCR, and ECO wicks.

Wood wicks also work well in C-3 wax.

For guidance:

75mm diameter: CL17/18 or Stabilo 18.

70mm Diameter: CL16 or Stabilo 16.

65mm diameter: CL14 or Stabilo 14.

60mm diameter: CL12 or Stabilo 12.

We would suggest a cure time of 10-14 days before burning.

Attention! This wax is sensitive to changes in temperature and the surface of poured wax can crack due to the cold environment.

How to pour the perfect candle with Nature WAX C3

Wax storage conditions: best stored at +18°C to +29°C. Protect from extreme conditions, i. i.e.,> + 32°C heat, and <+ 5°C temperature.

Always with sustainability in mind, know more about sustainable sourcing of vegetal wax from the manufacturer Cargill's


Technical documentation

Customer Reviews

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Lara Ribeiro

Estou a adorar, é uma cera que tem um acabamento muito bom para as velas, dura imenso e um preço super acessível !!

Susana Maria Pires


Cristiana Lima
Excelente qualidade

A Cera tem um acabamento perfeito , cremoso.
Fácil de trabalhar e da o resultado perfeito da vela de luxo.
Gostei tanto que já voltei a encomendar 😊
Deixo alguns exemplo da qualidade.
A única parte que não foi tao boa foi a dificuldade em contactar a empresa para levantamento de encomendas.

Marisa Silva
Fácil de trabalhar

A cera em questão vem em lascas, sendo super fácil de manusear. Bastante gordurosa, sai bem dos moldes e os pigmentos sólidos ligam bem, sem quaisquer manchas.

Sandra Dias

Sempre simpáticos já tive algumas dificuldades em fazer a encomenda . Estão sempre disponíveis para ajudar . Sempre chegou tudo rápido e sem problemas .
Recomendo e gosto muito

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