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Round wooden wicks are one of the most unique and innovative wooden wicks on the market.

Made from sappy fruit trees and sourced from FSC-certified mills and made in the USA, round wood wicks provide a gorgeous circular-shaped flame, from Lumetique.

Supplied with a black plastic cover that must be removed before use.

  • Thickness: 2.54 mm
  • Height: 127 mm
  • Diam: 6.35 mm

Important: metallic sustainers are not included. You must buy it in accessories


The tube wick works best for candles between  38 mm a 63.5 mm (1.5” to 2.5”) in diameter.

The tube wicks on their own will create a melt pool of between 55 - 60mm in blended waxes.

You first should try the wick alone, without any boosters 

If you want to use it in bigger diameters then you should boost it :

  • You can boost a bit if you insert a cotton wick inside the tube. ( can be a small Stabilo ( 4, 5, 6, ), TCR 21/12, TCR 24/14, CL8  as an example, of course, it must be according to your wax, vessel diameter, and fragrance load)   ) 
  • You can boost a bit if you insert a single piece of 6.3 x 0.5mm wooden wick.

How to do with a  wick inside: While your candle is cooling (wax should be set up but still very soft), just push or slide the tube into the candle over your traditional wick *

Slide the plastic covering off and allow the candle to cool completely. We recommend using a smaller size traditional wick when using wick tubes due to the increased heat while burning.

Here is an example of a recipe :

Wax: Cargill Elite 600  
Container: A 250 ml tin 
Fragrance: 8% Pear & Freesia 
Wood tube wick ( simple no booster) 


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