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WOODEN WICK MOM ( pack 10 un )

€7,50 EUR


Single ply wooden wick with word MOM written on top


Wooden wicks create a unique horizontal flame. In larger diameter candles, wooden wicks can produce a full melt pool with only one wick eliminating the need to use multiple wicks (in most cases). Wooden wicks create an alluring crackling sound when burning for added ambiance. Being rigid, wooden wicks are very easy to use, saving time and money in production. There is no need to secure a wick bar or dowels and no straightening is needed as there is with cotton wicks, which require a great deal of time to set up. Wooden wicks do not mushroom and have little to no carbon build-up, no debris, and no sooting. Wooden wicks provide a modern, unique, and more upscale look to enhance a candle’s value.

 >> Wicks are sold without metal holders. You can buy them here.

Dark Natural wick with a thickness of 1 mm, a width of 15.9 mm, and 79.4 mm.


Brown wood can discolor waxes due to a high level of natural tannins.

Advantages :

  • Wooden wicks achieve a fast melt pool formation for a quick and excellent hot throw
  • Wooden wicks produce a tantalizing crackling sound when burning
  • Wooden wicks have no mushrooming with little carbon buildup, debris or sooting
  • Wooden wicks are rigid and require no straightening
  • Wooden wicks can be used in all candle wax types
  • Wooden wicks are applicable to the container, pillar, and votive candles
  • Our wicks are sourced and manufactured in the USA from Fsc-certified mills
  • As there are not so many sizes you don't spend a huge amount of money to find the suitable one for your system jar/candle

Brown wood can discolor waxes due to a high level of natural tannins. The crackling sound, the hotter burning, and the darker color of the wood, which can stain the wax, are caused by tannin, a naturally occurring substance in wood that is accumulated by some trees. Tannins are phenolic compounds of plant origin, which have many hydroxy groups, which accumulate in various parts of the plant - bark, wood, leaves, and fruit.


As a distributor of Lumetique's wooden wick technology, we have an obligation to ensure that any and all licensees are marking their covered products and providing constructive notice to the public that the product is patented.  As such, you will be required to mark any products made using our wooden wicks with a patent mark.

All candle products (whether a wooden wick, candle, box, hang-tag or another form of packaging) must be consistently and always marked as being covered by the applicable patents and patents pending.


Mark the candle product itself with the following patent marking:



Wicks are sold without metal holders. Those are quoted as accessories separately 

    According to the manufacturer 

    • thickness 1.0 mm is suitable for 100% soy or other vegetal waxes, colored waxes

     Indicative inner diameters for wooden wicks „Lumetique Crackling  Wick with soy or rapeseed /coconut  in container candles as a starting point

    • inside jar  diameter ~65/75 mm wick width 15,9 mm,

    Fragrance oil content and type can change the burning diameter of the wick, e. g. the wick therefore will burn weaker or stronger. We recommend that you carry out a  burning test first

    • Wicks are sold in packets of 10 items. 
    • Wicks are sold without metal holders. Those are offered as accessories separately 

    Unlike conventional cotton wick holders, wooden wick holders can be reused because they are not deformed when the wick is attached to them. You can reuse them so buy only as many holders as you need and reuse the available ones.

     Wooden wicks do not self-trim - if the flame becomes too tall after burning for 4 hours, it is time to trim  Your wick. 

    It is advisable to use 6% of fragrance oil concentration to wax mass in order to avoid any side effects of the burning process (when the flame is too high, too many black specs in the wax, wax is burning too fast, poor hot throw of the fragrance oil, very hot jar that is impossible to touch).

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